The FUTURO Young Investigator Group has officially been kicked off and will start operations in March! The group was appointed end of 2019, following a two-step review process.

The first evaluation was conducted by an international reviewer board. Second, the proposal was evaluated by the DLR Board for Space Research and Technology.

The Young Investigator Group works closely with the Institute for Artificial Intelligence at the University of Bremen. The laboratory under the direction of Prof. Michael Beetz is a world leader in research on cognitive robots. Both research groups work together towards the declared goal of making service robots fit for everyday life. In view of demographic change, one of the most urgent challenges facing society, developments aimed at increasing fault tolerance and the acquisition of robotic skills should not only be used in space exploration in the long term, but also benefit the general population. To this end, the contributions of the junior research group will be applied in DLR’s current initiative on service robotics for people in life situations with disabilities, SMiLE for short.

Image Credit: DLR/Angela Kotow