Dr. Georgia Chalvatzaki presented her latest work on Robot Learning of Mobile Manipulation for Assistive Robotics in the FUTURO and Friends Webinar Series.

Georgia is research group leader of the iROSA group at the Intelligent Autonomous Systems Lab (IAS) of TU Darmstadt. She has been awarded with the renowned Emmy Noether Artificial Intelligence Programme, where only 9 proposals out of 91 applications were selected for funding.

In her work she is combining modern machine learning methods with classic Artificial Intelligence (AI), in particular Task and Motion Planning and Physics-based Reasoning. She shares the mindset of the YIG, that only this way robots will be able to reason about their actions in a semantically grounded fashion.

The two groups plan to collaborate in the future on the investigation on suitable physics simulations that can be used to train new skills to robots and also identify failure situations during task execution. One particular candidate is the recently released NVIDIA Isaac physics simulation framework.